GP Minute Offers 2024 will be updated regularly: The Grameenphone minute package big updated and almost changes every bundle pack. They always offer several new offers to their customers. I clearly mentioned which is the GP minute / GP offer / GP minute pack and GP is that of another operator’s minute offer. Here, I have represented all the Grameenphone minutes offers / GP 2024 minutes pack.

Grameenphone Minute Offers 2024 (GP Voice Offers)

Get best GP offers, deals & discounts on minute packs! Explore all the latest offers from Grameenphone now!

GP Minute Pack Offer 2024 Grameenphone nice updated on voice bundle/minute pack. Grameenphone All Minute Bundle Pack.

How to Buy GP Minutes

There are several ways to buy a GP minute package. Here I have written about the easiest ways to buy GP Minutes. To Buy the Gp minutes follow the following steps

From Activation code

  • Choose the package from below the table
  • Find out the activation code
  • Dial the activation code
  • You will get SMS soon

Form MyGP App

You can get the latest GP promotional offer from Grameenphone as also for GP Minutes via MyGP app. So don’t forget to keep it installed on your mobile phone. below we also shared the latest MyGP app download link for you.

Recommended to buy this GP Minute Pack Offer (Grameenphone Exclusive Minute Packs List)

350 MinTk.2337 DAYS*121*4008# or recharge 233
77 Min + 50 SMSTk.537 DAYS*121*4004# or recharge 53
You can also active this offer from MyGP app.

Gp Minute Offers List 2024

All our data are retrieved from Grameenphone’s official website. Here representing another GP Talktime offer 2024 list.

    4 Tk8 Minutes4 Hours*121*4022#
    6 Tk10 Minutes6 Hours*121*4024#
    14 Tk18 Minutes12 Hours*121*4001#
    16 Tk25 Minutes24 Hours*121*4207#
    19 Tk27 Minutes24 Hours*121*4402#
    24 Tk37 Minutes24 Hours*121*4002#
    26 Tk38 Minutes24 Hours*121*4648#
    29 Tk45 Minutes2 Days*121*4405#
    36 Tk55 Minutes2 Days*121*3259#
    44 Tk65 Minutes3 Days*121*4003#
    48 Tk80 Minutes3 Days*121*4406#
    53 Tk77 Minutes+50 SMS7 Days*121*4004#
    59 Tk90 Minutes7 Days*121*4205#
    64 Tk100 Minutes7 Days*121*4206#
    74 Tk110 Minutes7 Days*121*4403#
    78 Tk120 Minutes7 Days*121*4026#
    99 Tk160 Minutes7 Days*121*4006#
    108 Tk180 Minutes7 Days*121*3260#
    124 Tk200 Minutes7 Days*121*4407#
    128 Tk210 Minutes7 Days*121*4008#
    149 Tk200 Minutes10 Days*121*4408#
    157 Tk200 Minutes15 Days*121*5074#
    174 Tk200 Minutes30 Days*121*4410#
    199 Tk310 Minutes+512 MB30 Days*121*4018#
    218 Tk330 Minutes+512 MB30 Days*121*4400#
    248 Tk400 Minutes30 Days*121*4401#
    258 Tk400 Minutes30 Days*121*4414#
    307 Tk500 Minutes30 Days*121*4208#
    318 Tk500 Minutes+512 MB30 Days*121*4415#
    339 Tk555 Minutes30 Days*121*3100#
    378 Tk600 Minutes30 Days*121*4411#
    488 Tk800 Minutes30 Days*121*4657#
    498 Tk350 Minutes+12 GB( 6GB+6GB Bonus)30 Days*121*3475#
    609 Tk1000 Minutes+1 GB30 Days*121*4209#
    727 Tk1200 Minutes+1 GB30 Days*121*3107#
    1. Customers need to dial *121*1*2# to know the remaining minutes & SMS balance
    2. The minutes purchased can be used for any local operator

    GP Recharge offer 2024

    The below offers are valid for Gp to any local operator. Don’t misunderstand about these minute packs in GP.

    PriceOffer(any number)Expiry
    21 Tk1 Poisha/Sec+5 MMS2 Days
    29 Tk1 Poisha/Sec+5 MMS3 Days
    39 Tk1 Poisha/Sec+5 MMS5 Days
    49 Tk1 Poisha/Sec+5 MMS7 Days
    79 Tk1 Poisha/Sec+6 MMS10 Days
    109 Tk1 Poisha/Sec+5 MMS30 Days
    209 Tk1 Poisha/Sec+5 MMS60 Days
    48 Tk48 Poisha/Min48 Hours

    All the information of GP minutes package are retrieved from Grameenphone website, GP offer messages, Flexiload retailers.

    GP others minute offer 2024

    In this part, we listed the rest GP minute bundle pack all. Users also looking for GP 150 minute offer, GP 40 minute offer, GP 15 minute offer, GP 12 minute offer, GP 10 minute offer. Guys, you can select your preferable offers. For details dial *121# or use the flexiplan app this will help you most.

    GP minute check

    This is a common issue which the users found. Normally GP minute check code is *566*22#. But there also have several GP minute pack code. If you do not find your minute balance by this way then dial *121*1*2#

    GP Minutes offer 2024 terms and Condition

    • To avail these Talk Time offer, eligible customers: Consumer Prepaid except I-Sim, Flexi Load SIM and BPO) and Consumer Postpaid (Xplore, Xplore Special, Xplore Plus, MyPlan, Xplore P2P)
    • The validity of the Minutes can be used for 24 hours of the day
    • At the end of the validity period, if a customer has any remaining minutes, it will be forfeited. However, if a customer re-purchases the same pack within the validity period, the minutes will be added and the validity will be updated
    • Customers need to dial *121*1*2# to know the remaining minutes balance
    • The minutes purchased can be used for any local operator
    • “GP- Any local operator” denotes domestic network calls only (GP-other mobile operators, GP-PSTN & GP-IPTSP) excluding any short code calls
    • The price is inclusive of SD, VAT and SC
    • This offer is not applicable for Skitto users

    How to increase Gp minute validity?

    There are several ways to increase Gp Minute validity. I have discussed here only the working processes.

    Buying the same package Again to increase validity

    The only way to increase the minute pack validity is to buy the same package again. this will increase the same-day validity and with the same method.


    Are you looking for more Grameenphone offer? I have listed all the offers of Grameenphone. To get more GP offers you can also visit GP recharge offer 2024. It will be updated daily with the latest offers. So keep in touch and visit our site.

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