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Dear Banglalink users Here is all the information about Banglalink Internet offer 2022. Banglalink Shot name ( BL) is the third-largest cellular service provider in Bangladesh.we have come up with attractive offers of Banglalink You may know that Banglalink SIM is one of the best call rates and the Internet organizations in Bangladesh. We always get good offers from Banglalink. Below are the new 2021 offers for Banglalink customers.

Banglalink Internet Offer 2022:

If you are disturbed by internet offers from Banglalink to search for the internet I give you all of the Banglalink MB offers at the same time. Banglalink Internet offers 2022 Update on 15th, February 2021. New updates All Internet packages have been published in a simpler, more advanced way. Dear Banglink user, I will forward all Banglalink Internet pack offers here. Now I’ll show everyone some awesome 2021 internet offers from Banglalink. Here you’ll find great Bl internet packages and MB offer at a low price.

Banglalink MB Offer 2022 With Code:

Today I’ll share great Banglalink Mb offers for you. When you have totally read this full article, you can easily get a bl internet package from here. The list of all the Banglalink internet package makers on this list will be discussed further with more offers

Internet offerPrice BDTActivation CodeValidity
2 MB85 Paisha*5000*519#1 Day
3 MB1.5 BDT*5000*518#1 Day
9 MBBDT 3*5000*513#1 Day
12 MBBDT 4*5000*520#1 Day
32 MBBDT 9*5000*529#1 Day
45 MBBDT . 10*5000*543#1 Day
60 MBBDT . 15*5000*502#3 Days
75 MBBDT 13*50005*43#4 Days
100 MBBDT. 20*5000*522#7 Days
120 MBBDT. 50*5000*523#30 Days 
160 MBBDT 30*5000*501#7 Days
250 MBBDT 75*5000*517#10 Days 
300 MBBDT 99*5000*503#30 Days 
500 MBBDT 100*5000*582#7 Days
600 MBBDT 150*5000*504#30 Days 
1 GBBDT. 36*5000*36#4 Days
1 GBBDT 76*5000*76#7 Days
1 GBBDT 199*5000*503#30 Days 
1GBBDT 210*5000*581#30 Days 
1.5 GBBDT 275*5000*511#30 Days 
2 GBBDT 49*5000*49#4 Days
2 GBBDT 209*5000*581#30 Days 
2 GBBDT 350*5000*506#30 Days 
3 GBBDT 99*5000*799#7 Days
5 GBBDT 108*5000*108#7 Days
4 GBBDT 500*5000*508#30 Days 
8 GBBDT 900*5000*509#30 Days 
10 GBBDT 199*5000*199#7 Days
15 GBBDT 1500*5000*510#30 Days 
1 GB YoutubeBDT 19*5000*345#2 Days
250 MB IMOBDT 10*5000*725#7 Days
100 MB Social packBDT 07*5000*576#7 Days
30 MB FacebookBDT 1.5*5000*414#4 Days

Banglalink Internet Recharge Offer 2022:

Now I am showing Banglalink recharge offer Updated price and the simple way this offer see now and recharge now At the specified price

Internet OfferPrice & Recharge BDTValidity
1GBBDT 367 Days
1.5 GBBDT 997 Days
2.5 GBBDT 1297 Days
1.5 GB 200 MB   BounsBDT 20930 Days
3 GBBDT 39930 Days

Banglalink 1GB Internet Offer:

I’ve built a second table distinguishing 1 GB of Banglalink internet offers. I found the details required to get 1 GB of the internet offer. Active includes the USSD Code and a recharge of the same money. We can see the lists here bl offer

1GB  PackPrice BDTActivation
1 GBBDT 36*5000*36#4 Days
1 GBBDT 76*5000*76#7 Days
1 GBBDT 199*5000*503#30 Days
1GBBDT 210*5000*581#30 Days
1.5 GBBDT 275*5000*511#30 Days

Banglalink 5GB Internet Offer:

Today I am showing Banglalink 5GB Internet offer 2022 Banglalink brings amazing internet offer! Now, get 5GB internet (2GB+3GB 4G Bonus) with 5 days validity. only at Tk. 89! Dial *5000*516# now to buy this 5GB internet pack (2GB+3GB 4G Bonus). Check Internet Balance Dial *5000*500#

  • Internet volume 2GB+3GB 4G Bonus
  • Price 89 Taka
  • Active code *5000*516#
  • validity 5days

Terms Of Banglalink Internet Offer 2022:

  • All Banglalink user buy mentioned internet offer
  • This internet Pack allows you to use 2G, 3G, 4G networks
  • To activate the pack, Active Code, and recharge this offer.
  • To renew this pack, dial 5000566# and press 1 button or 2 buttons to close auto-renewal.
  • Also, to stop auto-renewal, type “renew off vol” and send SMS to 5000.
  • To start auto-renewal, send “renew on vol” to 5000
  • To know the remaining balance of the pack, dial 5000500#
  • You can purchase this offer MyBL App
  • inclusive of VAT, SD, and SC
  • Source banglalink
  • Banglalink internet offer
  • Robi internet offer
  • Airtel internet offer
  • Teletalk internet offer

How To Check Banglalink Internet Offer:

  1. Fast Open Your Mobile dial pad
  2. Then Dial *121*1# or *5000*500#
  3. Check Your Banglalink Internet Balance
  4. Or Download My Banglalink app
  5. From Google Play Store
  6. Check Easily Banglalink Internet balance

How To Banglalink Balance Check:

  1. Fast Open Your Mobile dial pad
  2. Then Dial *124#
  3. Check Your Banglalink Balance
  4. Or Download My Banglalink app
  5. From Google Play Store
  6. Check Easily Banglalink Sim balance

Final Word:

I hope you got also helped by finding this article Banglalink Internet Offer and package. If you any questions, Bl MB offer 2022then leave a reply in the comment box

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